Like Totally

by Pacific Deep

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Benedict Roff-Marsh
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Benedict Roff-Marsh If you long for the 80's (and who who was really there doesn't) then this will please you as it is quite true to the genre. Nice guys too. Favorite track: Night Fable - by GEM & Pacific Deep.
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Pacific Deep's Debut Album.
Pacific Deep is Carl Grace and Raymond Hayter.

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released August 4, 2013

All tracks composed and produced by Pacific Deep except:

Night Fable - Composed and Produced by GEM & Pacific Deep.
Beyond Repair - GEM Remix & Night Fable - GEM Remix produced by Ed Castro (GEM)

Thanks also to Greenwood Audio for assistance in mastering Natural Progression & You're Somebody.



all rights reserved


Pacific Deep Auckland, New Zealand

Pacific Deep is Carl Grace and Raymond Hayter.

We are a distributed band, collaborating between San Francisco, USA, and Auckland, New Zealand.

Our music is mostly 80's inspired Synth Pop.
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Track Name: Beyond Repair
Beyond Repair

Some things cannot
Be unsaid
Sometimes love
Is truly dead

Some clocks cannot
Be rolled back
Sometimes we have
To face facts

Don’t throw
Good after bad
Don’t dwell
On what we had

Like a fire gone out
For lack of air
We are
Beyond repair

Like trying to find
What isn’t there
We are
Beyond repair

Life is not
Always fair
We are
Beyond repair

I’ll face the day
With clear eyes
I’m older now
Not sure if I’m wise

Words can chip away
At the wall
Contempt will cause
Its fall
Track Name: Reboot and Reclaim
Reboot and Reclaim

I saw your dreams fall
Like dominoes
I saw your dreams fall
While your heart froze

I saw your hope disappear
Like a choking flame
I saw it disappear
And you were to blame

You can reboot and reclaim
Be new in all but name
Reboot and reclaim
You don’t have to be the same

You can reboot and reclaim
Reset the game
Reboot and reclaim
Walk away from the shame

I saw you give up
Failing was all you could do
I saw you give up
And make it all come true

You made a choice that day
There is no going back
But you can choose a new path
Before you fade to black
Track Name: Shaking The Foundations
Shaking the Foundations

People want to tell us
To give up on our dreams
People want to tell us
At least that what it seems

They just want to justify
Their own defeat

We’re shaking the foundations
We’re getting down to it
We’re shaking the foundations
We’re pushing right through it

We’re finding the edge
And pushing right through it
We’re tearing down the limits

Brick by brick

We can build our own world
We can live just how we choose
We have so much potential
We have nothing to lose

We can fix
What time didn’t heal
We can relearn how to feel
Track Name: You're Somebody
You’re Somebody

Sometimes I’d get funny looks
In the lunchroom reading books
A place to think, a place to hide
That escape is what it took

It could be hard at school
If you did well you weren’t cool
I swam against the tide
Didn’t care if I looked the fool

They can’t hurt you
You’re somebody
They can’t judge you
You’re somebody

Don’t have to follow the crowd
Do what they say is allowed

You just have to be true
You just have to be you

When I’m watching TV
I just can’t help but see
People happy and free
Looking much better than me

I tried for so long
Don’t understand what went wrong
They may look down on me
But that doesn’t mean that I’m not strong

You don’t have to be thin
You don’t have to fit in

You just have to be true
You just have to be you

So many struggles in life
Of our own design
Instead of tearing down
Let’s hold the line

You don’t have to be flash
Or have stacks of cash
You’re somebody

Don’t need a fancy car
Just be who you are
You’re somebody
Track Name: Pacific Deep & GEM - Night Fable - by GEM & Pacific Deep
Night Fable

You get angry
You misheard me speak
When I get upset
My voice is weak

You must be getting tired
You've been up too long
But I can’t admit
That I’m in the wrong

Can't we just drop this?
You really need to rest
We’ll try tomorrow
We’ll do our best

It’s a Night Fable
To lay you down to sleep
A Night Fable
Before you get too deep

It’s a Night Fable
To lay you down to sleep
A Night Fable
You sow and then you reap

Drink some coffee
It’s too late to drive
I don’t need your permission
To be alive

It’s not what you imagined
I won’t play your game
But the way you’re going
You’ll be the one to blame

There is always time
To change your mind
Anger fades
But the sun will shine

There’s time
It doesn’t have to be the end
There’s still time
It doesn’t have to be the end
Track Name: Dying On The Vine
Dying on the Vine

Every garden needs tending
Clothes need mending
We'd better do something now
Because our love is ending

I'm not comprehending
Why we're still pretending
It's crystal clear
Our love is ending

Our love is dying on the vine
We're running out of time
Nothing we can do
To stop this decline

You're playing the wrong role
Poor impulse control
You've taken a part of me
You can't have the whole

You're wasting your days
This isn't the way
You thought you'd drag me down
But not today

I'm finally free
You threaten you're leaving me
But I think it's time you left
And just let me be
Track Name: Natural Progression
Your life is like sand
Running through your hands
Nothing is turning out
Like you planned

We don’t appreciate what we have
We never think about life till it’s gone
Sometimes when things get hard
We think it feels way too long

It’s a natural progression
It’s a national obsession
It’s a deep depression
It’s a natural progression

We’d rather build
Than maintain what we’ve done
On the way down
A walk becomes a run

It seems everything we make
Every rope we weave
Soon frays

Do you remember
When you were a child?
Everything seemed possible
Everything seemed true
Now you know better
Don’t you?
Track Name: More Than Friends

I’m tired of hearing about that guy
Who doesn’t treat you right
I’m tired of being the one you call
When you have a fight

I’m tired of wishing the women I date
Smiled a bit more like you
I’m tired of wishing the women I date
Read the same books you do

Late at night I’m tired of putting down the phone
When I know calling you is wrong
I’m tired of living my life in limbo
I’m tired of waiting for you so long

We really could be great
It doesn’t have to be the end
This could be the beginning
We should be more than friends

I’m tired of being the one you turn to
When things aren’t right at home
I’m tired of not trusting myself
Whenever we’re alone

I know you’re tired of meaningful looks
Across a crowded table
I know you’d choose to be with me
If you were able

You know he’s not a bad guy
But he doesn’t treasure you
He doesn’t put you first
The way you know I’d do

We could have something
Most people never find
It’s time to make a move
You know I’m going outta my mind
Track Name: Come Back To Me
Come Back to Me
by Raymond Hayter and Carl Grace

We’re getting older
We’ve got so much to lose
We need to take control
We need to choose

We’re getting wiser
Learning from our mistakes
We will succeed
We’re doing what it takes

When you’re far away
Come back to me!
Every night and day
Come back to me!
I want you by my side
Come back to me!

I want to hear your voice
Come back to me!
I want to be your choice
Come back to me!
Don’t wanna hurt inside
Come back to me!

I made a mistake
Letting you get away
I’d love to go back
Change how I was that day

This is my story
I put it into song
Maybe we can figure out
What we think went wrong